Registration forms

Partecipatione fee for team 300 € (max 10 players and 2 team managers) and contains:

  • Lunch Saturday and Sunday of Tournament
  • Assistence with ambulance and medical personnel during tournament
  • The supply of mineral water and hot tea to the athletes during the sport activities
  • The provision of a event gadget to all the athlets
  • The delivery of a plaque to all partecipating teams

Complete the application process reading and filling forms A, B, C, D to be sent to the organisation

Mod A Download application form A to be filled and send PDF format.

Mod B Download more informations and partecipation terms (form B​).

Mod C Bring with you the “Declaration of disclaimer”. Download here and to be filled with the name and signature of each player. MANDATORY ​- bring the original to the tournament.

Mod D Download here and fill the player sheet (form D).