For photographic accreditation requests, please complete, sign and send ( mail or by fax to 02700521594) the form you can download here:

We will give you a confirmation as soon as possible, and compatibly with the regulations of the Municipality of Tarvisio on photographic and video recordings.  

  • Every photographer will have to have an insurance policy stipulated with a primary insurance company, to cover all possible damages to people and things directly or indirectly caused within sports facilities in the course of photographic activity.
  • All photographers must contact the organization for the allocation of the position.
  • Before the start of a game an inspector verifies that all photographers respect safety distances and have a safe position. If a photographer is asked to leave the chosen position, he is obliged to immediately comply with the request.
  • All equipment must be placed in safety zones
  • Tripods are allowed in the playing area only if authorized in advance.
  • The photographer must not interfere with the game phases.
  • The photographer must take care not to cover sponsor billboards, flags, and not limit TV visibility
  • The photographer must request any identification bib if required by the organization