Registration forms


We’re glad to hear that you’re interested in attending the 2024 Snow Rugby Tarvisio (Jan 12-13-14).
Here is some more information and the terms of partecipation:

Acceptance and Deadline

Let us know if you would like to attend the tournament as soon as possible by sending completed application forms:

The organizers reserve the right to accept or refuse teams at their discretion. We’ll try to notify teams of their acceptance into the tournament as quickly as possible. Obviously, the earlier you get your application in, the better.

To participate in this tournament you need to:

  • Apply (first Mod. A) as soon as possible, in any case by 30 November, and wait our confirmation
  • If you are not contacted within 72 hours, verify your subscription by writing to
  • Send the bank transfer of the ammount 300 euro by December 15th.
  • Fill in the release form (Form B.) and the players’ competition list (Form C) by 8 January 2024. It is however possible to change the players list until the morning of Saturday 13th January.
  • If you want your team to be announced on the various social networks, send an email to with the logo and / or photo of the participating team.
  • Make travel arrangements and organize accommodation.
  • On arrival, bring all the required documents with you (Release, player competition list, club and / or federation clearance) and go to the team check-in that you will find on Friday under the SnowRugby Village tent. The team check-in closes strictly at 8.30 on Saturday morning!

Bring with you:

  • Copy of your club registration from your local rugby federation with the names of the players.
  • Definitive list of players with jersey numbers.
  • Copy of passport or Identity Card of each player (mandatory!!)
  • Permission to Play Abroad form from the relevant governing body in your country.

Participation fee

The fee of 300 euros per team includes:
– 12 identification bracelets valid for the entire duration of the tournament (10 players + 2 coaches)
– Welcome drink on Friday evening, lunch on Saturday, lunch on Sunday, tournament plate, free gadget

Rules of the game

Each team can have 10 players and 2 coaches. Please have a look at this link . This is tackle snow rugby and the organization reserves the right to change the rules to carry out the mission and the policy of the event,within the guidelines of FIR/Rugby Europe/World Rugby.

Jerseys & “stud check”

Because of the nature of the game, the quick turnover of players (substitutions), and the sheer numbers of players on the sidelines in relatively short games, it has become obvious that it’s exceedingly difficult for the referees to ascertain that only 10 players were used for the entire tournament. So we’ve decided that it’s become necessary to have an official visual record of each player before the tournament starts. Each player will need to be photographed the Friday or Saturday before the matches start, in their own jerseys and with their faces clearly identifiable. Playing jerseys will need to be clearly numbered:


Check this out is the hotel offers match your requirement. There is
also something a little more upmarket. Please remember that you’ll be responsible for all accommodation costs.


Check distances from close airports :

  • Klagenfurt (Austria, Iata code KLU) km 75
  • Ljubjana (Slovenia, Iata code LJU) km 85
  • Trieste (Italy, Iata code TRS) km 129
  • Venezia (Italy, Iata code VCE) km 206
  • Treviso (Italy, Iata code TSF) km 204
  • Salzburg (Austria, Iata code SZG) km 230
  • Rijeka (Croatia, Iata code RJK) km 260
  • Verona (Italy, Iata code VRN) km 321
  • Vienna (Austria, Iata code VIE) km 399
  • Bergamo (Italy, Iata code BGY) km 424
  • Milano Malpensa (Italy, Iata code MXP) km 520

Tournament Theme

Remember that the theme of this edition of the tournament is “Jungle Vibes”
so have fun during the rugby, during the parties..whenever you prefer.


 Please make sure that your players are covered by sport insurance in case of any mishaps on the field.
 We hope you’ll want to stay for the parties on Friday or Saturday night (to be arranged).
 We recommend that you arrive Friday to be ready to play Saturday morning. Tournament usually ends Sunday afternoon.
 We recommend that all the players check the mailing list often for updates and information. At least two players from each team must subscribe to this mailing list; ask to the organisation the address to get into the mailing list or chat group;
 Bring with you numbered jerseys for potential TV or live streaming broadcasting;
 We’d appreciate any anecdotes or detailed stories about your clubs, sponsors, or players to help us prepare interesting press releases and interesting post on the social media
Please remember that the bank transfer must be received by 15 December 2023 to confirm your participation. Failure to send the partecipation fee will resolt in you being barred from the tournament.