Tarvisio: one of the most important mountain resort in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Snow pitch
The Snow5s pitch is located at the foot of the “Di Prampero” ski slope, which has  hosted numerous times the Women’s Ski World Cup and other winter competitions.


  • Klagenfurt (Austria, Iata code KLU ) km 75 > click, highway road: 60 minutes driving
  • Ljubjana (Slovenia, Iata code LJU ) km 85 > click, 50% highway road: 75 min driving
  • Trieste (Italy, Iata code TRS ) km 129 > click , highway road: 75 min driving
  • Venezia (Italy, Iata code VCE ) km 206 > click , highway road: 115 min driving
  • Treviso (Italy, Iata code TSF ) km 204 km > click , highway road: 115 min driving
  • Salzburg (Austria, Iata code SZG ) km 230 > click , highway road: 138 min driving
  • Rijeka (Croatia, Iata code RJK ) km 260 > click , highway road
  • Verona (Italy, Iata code VRN ) km 321 > click , highway road
  • Vienna (Austria, Iata code VIE ) km 399 > click , highway road
  • Bergamo (Italy, Iata code BGY) km. 424 > click , highway road
  • Milano Malpensa (Italy, Iata code MXP) km 520 > click , highway road: 5 hours driving if you do not find traffic jam


Surrounded by the Julian Alps and rich in vast valleys and forests – the Tarvisio Forest, with its 24,000 hectares, is the largest national forest in Italy – the town has a modern appearance but also an ancient soul full of traditions all to discover. Thanks to its particular position close to the border, it is a crossroads of languages ​​and cultures where Italy, Slovenia and Austria meet. The excellent cuisine includes Friulian, Carinthian and Slovenian specialties.

Tarvisio is also the destination of many pilgrims thanks to the suggestive Sanctuary of the “Madonna of Lussari”, a place where the tradition tells of the appearance of the mother of god. Tarvisio offers to those who love outdoor activities a wealth of proposals. Absolutely to visit, near Tarvisio, are the lakes of Fusine (joined together by a fascinating path), the Montasio plateau and the Sella Nevea ski pole.

Summer in Tarvisio

When it comes to the green to fill your eyes, you can choose from a wide variety of hiking trails, horseback riding or mountain biking, and reach large clearings that bring to huts and mountain pastures. Here climbers and mountaineers can find majestic peaks to climb. Migratory birds and deer find shelter in the Natural Park of the Julian Prealpes, which is to be discovered through original hiking. In the Sella Nevea Adventure Park you will be tarzaning between platforms on the trees, walkways, ropes and Tibetan bridges. Absolutely safe.

Winter in Tarvisio
By Skiing down breathtaking slopes or cross-country skiing on trails immersed in magical woods (like the thrilling Prampero track), or with snowshoes, to enjoy the luscious charm of panoramas out of time, you can spend wonderful days in a Tarvisio full of snow. In Tarvisio’s Sleddog and Mushing International School, you can get to know these wonderful four-legged friends and walk with them through some enchanting snow trails.

The Krampus, the terrible devils who roar and crawl on the streets of Tarvisio, every year on December 5th, and the arrival of San Nicolò, will bring you closer to a world of traditions to discover.